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Planning Your Next Trip: Discovering Nicaragua

Discovering Nicaragua has never been better! Learn about Nicaraguan agricultural lifestyles, cook your own Nicaraguan nacatamal, listen to local stories, myths, and legends, play the guitar and sing along at a campfire.


What is traveling but discovering Nicaragua and its everyday local experiences of each site and country? Do not miss the opportunity of living and working hand in hand with Nicaraguans who live in rural areas, your travel will also benefit their economies, and you will live a lifetime trip in Central America.


Get ideas for your trip to Nicaragua, book one of these volunteering excursions, or personalize it to create a new one just for you!


Our recommendations are:


Mountains and Communities to mix volunteer activities in the northern mountains of Nicaragua and community rural life the in the largest island over the Cocibolca lake


Working with Artisans for a real working experience helping a community to develop through their daily economic activities as agriculture, cheese making, green market

Find more excursions with volunteer activities and rural communities when discovering Nicaragua here!


  •   Altos de Santo Domingo, del obelisco, 3.5 km sur-este Managua, Nicaragua.

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